Backroads Heart Attack

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Lyrics ~
Evening Blues


Your memory has faded in my rearview mirror
There's nothing left to talk about, baby, there's nothing I want to hear
We batter ourselves, ending up in a draw
There must have been a point somewhere, something nobody saw

It might be amusing if it wasn't so sad
Did our luck just run out, baby, or did everybody go mad?
Was it a promise unkept, another dream blown apart?
It's too broke to fix, and baby, I can't even tell where to start

It's all in one place now, but they don't need you
No, they got a big book of rules to tell them exactly what to do
And how long have we been comin' here, when did it all go bad?
'Cause somehow I must've missed it, somehow I've been had

Nobody's on time, no, everybody's late
And there's intruders in the front yard, 'cause you forgot to close the gate
I look into the night, but I can't see nothing to fear
I'd loan you my light, baby, you'd repay me with your sneer

Who you gonna call on in times like this?
I'd head up along the road a-ways, I doubt very much I'd ever be missed
I'll change my number, might even change my shoes
I'll change anything, baby, you know I got nothing to lose

I've got no use for heroes, I don't wanna be yours
No, I'm getting my boat out of the rushes, baby, I'm moving away from the shore
'Cause something's gonna happen, it's gonna happen 'round here real soon
I heard it once in a song, but I forget the name of the tune

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